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    CGI, Clipping Path, Multiple Path, Deep Etch, Masking,
    Re-touch, Color Correction and E-commerce
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    CGI, Clipping Path, Multiple Path, Deep Etch,
    Masking, Re-touch, Colour Correction and E-Commerce

Welcome to WebOn

WebOn Pre-press services is the leading provider of digital image services in Bangladesh. We work exclusively for international clients in Europe. We give you the advantage of a skilled and hardworking team of young professionals who are committed to consistently deliver a very high quality work within a tight time frame at a most competitive rate. By outsourcing your image processing service work to Webon Pre-Press, you can get all your prepress image work done at a fraction of your cost in Europe, America or Australia without sacrificing the quality. Working in flexible shifts round the clock in high quality work space, our teams can do your work when you are sleeping or busy with other things. We give you cost advantage over your competitors and help you emerge as a champion in your own market. Call us today to get the ball rolling to a brighter future for your business.


We are image maestros. Our range of work covers the following types of work:

Our Commitments

Following are our commitments to our clients:

  • Listen carefully to your instructions;
  • Maintain open line of communication using skype, email and telephone;
  • Ensure quality by double QC control of each image;
  • Deliver before deadline;
  • Remain competitive with rates.

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WebOn Pre-Press Services Limited

House: Kha 47/1 2nd Floor
Progoti Sarani, Gulshan
Dhaka, Bangladesh
email: info@webon-prepress.com

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We Love Fun Facts

We enjoy our records:

  • 4000 E-commerce images in a day
  • 2000 Clipping path in a day
  • 300 Multiple path in a day
  • 24 Hrs work
  • 300 Days a year

A Clipping Path is a vectorized shape that is used in Photoshop to distinguish between the background and subject of an image. Even though there are many alternatives to isolating an object from its background, the preferred option is the handmade Clipping Path using the Pen tool. Whether on the edge or at one pixel from edge, a Clipping Path results in a nice hard edge. From complex pictures of bicycles, Christmas trees or ornaments to simple images, Webon can clip the image perfectly to meet the customer’s expectations.

Masking or Multiple Clipping Path is the process of using clipping path to transform an image or parts of an image. If you have an image that has many patterns with different colours and you want to isolate each pattern and colour in order to change the colour around individual patterns. If certain sections or parts of an image needs further editing/manipulation, masking is the technique that comes in handy. In clipping path the entire picture is selected as one path while in multiple clipping path, the entire image is selected as well as each pattern, allowing greater control on colour of each pattern. So from a dazzling photo of a rushing quarterback to an image of an exquisite patterned blanket, Webon’s expert image artists can use multiple path technique to isolate the patterns for manipulation of colour.

Retouching is the process by which an image is altered or manipulated to look very different to what it originally looked. You may add shine to a photo of a piece of jewelry to make it dazzle or remove the odd blemish from the face of glamorous model by re-touching the original photo using the power of photo shop. Retouching is often used in images in paper of electronic advertising.

Color correction is a phrase that is often used loosely to describe several different things. When it comes down to it, it simply mean to change the color of an image. In plain language color correction is the adjustment of color in photographic images to get the most realistic results. Not all images need color correction; some are fine just the way they are. However, many (or most) images can be improved with a little correction–either to enhance the image generally or to enhance it for its specific use. For example, it is possible to get better color in print by correcting images to make the most out of the CMYK printing process, a process that visibly limits the color potential of the RGB images. It is also possible to alter color to adjust for the color of lighting, underexposure and overexposure, and tendencies in film or photographic method.

Why we are Best

We respond to your queries and instructions with utmost urgency.
We understand your business problems and challenges and support your business with a friendly approach.
Competitive rates with unsurpassed quality
We are competitive in our rates without compromising our quality.
Resource rich
With dual high speed internet connectivity and full power back up, and a 90+ work force, we are rich in resources to meet customer expectations.
Multilingual, internationally exposed, flexible and people centric.