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Who We Are

WebOn Pre-press Services Limited is a Bangladeshi technology company providing a state of the art digital image processing services to international clients. We offer a wide range of prepress services for the digital and print media including image editing, photo manipulation and restoration services to global clients. We are currently working in the European market for European businesses, producing image of European standard.

Our strength

We are a technology company serving the global digital and paper publishing industry. We are conscious that our clients operate in a highly competitive and business environment where commitment to timing, pricing and quality are the key drivers. We have built our capability with these drivers in mind, taking full consideration of the specific challenges that our operating environment presents. We can summarize our strengths in the following way:

  • Management: Our management has many years of experience in managing international clients and are good communicators. We are multilingual with skills in English, German and Bangla language, and are available 24 hrs to address any issue raised by clients. Management is committed to a fair and friendly work environment, gender equity, and in helping staff to develop personally while working with the company. We invest heavily in training and human development.

  • Staff: Our staff are our main assets. We have a rapidly growing workforce of 70 photoshop experts. Most of our staff were trained by us do the specific high quality work that our clients need. Our work force is gender neutral and promotes equal opportunity in work space. We aim to remain an employer of choice and enjoy high retention well above industry standard in Bangladesh.

  • Infrastructure: We believe that the key to good output is a good working environment and IT infrastructure to support the high demand of our work. Our work space is equipped with 40 desk tops with the latest software and we are in a continuous state of up gradation and maintenance. To ensure comfort of our workers, the work space is fully air conditioned and there is power back up for emergency grid failure. Our IT connection is a dual system with two independent connections from two different ISPs, to ensure that we have system redundancy.

  • Work Ethos: We are flexible with three shifts running round the clock to meet crucial deadlines set by clients in different time zones. We are open to all guidance and directions of clients, and are flexible to accept variations in instruction if the end customer suddenly changes directions. We never complain and respect the adage that 'the customer is the king.'